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    Your Training Partner.
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  • Karwecki B.V.

    Scaffolding courses, VCA courses and inspections of materials and workplaces.
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  • Karwecki B.V.

    In our trainings, we use our own Scaffolding VR application.
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Karwecki B.V.  is a young, ambitious company specializing in trainings related to occupational safety.  Our goal is to provide students with both: practical and theoretical knowledge, in an accessible and understandable way, using modern teaching methods.

We used to be participants of such courses ourselves.  Therefore, when creating our offer, we promised ourselves that the process of acquiring knowledge by our students must be interesting, surprising and easy to remember.

We have created our own Scaffolding VR application, thanks to which it is possible to navigate scaffolding in the virtual world and immediately apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

Our offer includes scaffolding courses (system, support), as well as occupational safety (VCA, BHV).  We also provide inspections and certification of equipment according to the NEN standards, as well as audits of the location and screenings of the practical knowledge of employees.

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Scaffolding courses:

• Scaffolder’s assistant
• Scaffolder
• First scaffolder,
• Voorman

Other courses:

• Forklift


• Harness inspection
• Aluminum scaffolding inspection
• Ladder inspection
• Screening
• Safety audit on location


Our innovation and professionality have been appreciated by leading companies on the market:



Our experience has been built during working on dozens of projects both in the Netherlands and in Belgium, in several of the largest companies in the industry in the world:

We have been accredited by the DNV Institute, thanks to which our courses are compatible with the standards of their exams.

Would you like to gain qualitative knowledge? We’ve got you covered!


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